We exclusively work one brand by product category
In Portugal and Spain
Together we will achieve more results
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As an international brand representation company, we offer a complete range of services – from registration to handling and distribution. From the moment you first contact Mentor Company to the day your products hit the stores, we're by your side every step of the way.

We are experts in multiple industries within the Iberian Market. We are now more focused on the childcare segment but still working with FMCG brands.

We excel in brand distribution by exclusively representing one top-tier brand in each product category. This focused approach allows us to provide unparalleled support and forge stronger relationships with both brand partners and clients, emphasizing quality and differentiation.

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We represent brands in the Portuguese and Spanish markets.



We distribute brands in Portugal and Spain through other stores or directly to the final consumer.



We develop the entire brand image in the markets where we operate, with a strong emphasis on digital marketing.

Our Brands

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Co-founders Spice Girl Emma Bunton and Director of Product Development Christopher Money struggled to find gentle products that didn’t irritate their children’s skin, and were kind to our planet. This inspired the development of a natural, gentle and sustainable alternative for families - and from this Kit & Kin was born.

We want to take away the stress and worry parents often experience when trying to choose the best products for their family.

Rockit was created by Nick, Matt and Matt – three parents, with seven children in total. Nick's three-month-old daughter woke up whenever they stopped rocking the stroller. Nick realized that this problem was common to many parents and one night – at 2am – he found a solution. The two Matts helped Nick develop Rockit, which has gone on to keep over a hundred thousand babies moving and rocked around the world. The three are committed to inventing more products that help babies and parents sleep better.
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Our Clients

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Our Services







Our Values


We are governed by ethics, loyalty and honesty in all our relationships.


We build close relationships with our clients based on trust, quality, rigor and dedication of our teams.


We seek daily to improve in everything we do and overcome new challenges, with the energy, enthusiasm and ambition that characterize us.



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